Articles tagged Postdigital Artisans


‘I think the body has become more conceptual and less felt in the postdigital age’

Stockholm – Anders Krisár’s sculptures examine the divided and chaotic nature of the human condition, creating lifelike forms that bear indelible marks.


‘We are inventing ways of leaving our bodies behind,’ says postdigital artist Richard Dupont

New York City – Richard Dupont uses the human form to explore the ways in which technology is changing our relationships to our bodies, and to each other.


Chiharu Shiota's sculptures highlight the invisible networks that we're entangled in

PARIS – To coincide with Chiharu Shiota’s current exhibition, here we look at her textile creations and investigate the way she uses thread as a way to explore memory and belonging.


Translucent materials and fractal shapes sculpt unseen physical forces

NEW YORK – In advance of her upcoming exhibition in New York next month, here we see how Alyson Shotz’s sculptures reveal the natural forces that inhabit a space.

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