14 East Penthouse occupies two floors in a mid-rise block close to Malta’s north-eastern shoreline. Its triangular plan is sectioned into distinct living zones, delineated by reflective volumes, pathways and strategic sight-lines. Expected minimalist white interiors are rejected, with bronze and black mirrored surfaces rebounding Mediterranean sunshine from one surface to another.

On the upper level, two reflective cubes partition an open plan, concealing structure and services and setting soft boundaries between kitchen, dining and lounging areas. An enclosed staircase links this floor to a bedroom level below. Users enter a mirrored courtyard, with two flanking doors creating horizontal sightlines through the apartment. A corridor offers glimpses to views ahead, leading to an outside terrace. Bedrooms function as independent suites with dedicated bathrooms, each enjoying uninterrupted urban views.

Besides its use of a predominantly singular material palette, 14 East maximises cross-ventilation. On the upper level, reflective volumes let air flow freely, whilst downstairs, doors and corridors align to aid free movement of air and subsequent thermal comfort.

With home interiors adopting new relevance within the current composition of urban living, 14 East offers a redefinition of flexibility, resisting swathes of open space that fall short in response to current live/work needs. The result is an interior defined by a rich medley of warmth, privacy and spatial intrigue.