An interior renovation of a teaching clinic for pediatric dentistry, designed to enlarge a small suite through an open floor plan with translucent partitions.

The renovation design concept for the Pediatric Dentistry department at University of California, San Francisco is to make a small suite feel spacious through an open floor plan while providing screening elements for privacy, enriched with imagery for a family-friendly environment.

The project scope consisted of replacing two suites of four operatories with one suite of eight operatories while also upgrading to state-of-the-art equipment and creating the feel of a private practice office within a public university campus.
Translucent partitions are an important design element introduced to create a warm glow within a space with no access to natural light. The custom partitions depict various illustrative scenes from a classic children’s book, This is San Francisco by Miroslav Šašek, donated by the Šašek Foundation, custodians of the artwork.

The flooring and translucent panels are both “red-list free” products: they are low-VOC, derived from plants, and do not contain chemicals on a list of worst-in-class building industry products known to harm the environment and human health.