Personio, the young Start-Up with its dynamic growth, expanded its business to a Madrid headquarter. Placed in a buzzing part of the city, right next to offices of other well-known companies (like Google), Personio wanted to create a vibrant, creative office space for their fast-growing team.

On a space of 1800 m² divided into two equal floors, INpuls configurated a youthful interior design concept fitting the young vibe. The Personio-blue hub, connecting both floors, includes all needed space for user-defined rooms such as meeting situations, phone booths, and kitchen space. It represents the heart of the office. The different types of entrance situations define the amount of privacy and the usage of the room.

Located right next to the center is the Coworking area. The warm, bright camel color represents Madrid and invites the employees to socialize and work creatively. The main workspace for solitary desks is divided into a darker area, which defines a space of concentrated solitary work, and a brighter, warmer area, located around the louder common areas.