As co-work office space, its spatial function and user collection are based on a premise. When all users use the space, there is no clear hierarchical division, and all functions exist on the edge of being realized and not needed to be realized. In this case, reception desk, corporate LOGO, water brand and hierarchical office hardly exist or exist in a form that cannot be clearly recognized. The establishment of decentralization (multi-centralization), uncertainty and openness of co-work space division seems to validate the Genius Loci. Color selection of materials follows the same principle.It seems that design has entered a delicate tightrope walking state at this time. If the design is inclined to explicit centralization, it will be trapped in the shackled traditional design thinking. If the design is inclined to implicit centralization, it will bring back the return of centralization from the opposite side in the paranoia. So far, I suddenly found that the specific way of thinking of this design started from the logic of western rational thinking, but at last it coincided with the two sides of seeing things as one in the eastern thinking. This is the reflection of the author after the preliminary design work.

The establishment of decentralization (multi-centralization), uncertainty and openness of co-work space division seems to verify the spirit of place . The site spirit needs markers, but the site spirit here is indeed decentralized, in other words, de-symbolized. In order to solve this problem, we should assume that the category definition of "landmark" or "memorial" is limited to specific objects. Here, space is also a member of "material object", just as heidegger said "existence" of a kind. If the answer is no, then it can be understood that "landmarks" or "monuments" can exist and manifest in other forms. Once step this step, the "music", "text", "pattern" and so on can be a alternative way, there could be more could not been found, in this place, then choose "We are all a part of the same thing," this text as the place spirit of the "signature" or "memorial", thus completing the place spirit. In addition, the principle of selection and application of construction materials in the site is also "non-hierarchical", and the unified application of "non-hierarchical" materials in space ensures the enhanced existence of "decentralization" in demonstration. In order to ensure that "decentralization" does not lead to monotony, the principle of selecting materials in the Case is to maintain diversity and coordination, but to control the proportion of any single material within a certain value. Accordingly, the color choice of material itself also follows the same principle.