The familiar front of my home. At first, I wanted to express strongly the story of the director and the sincerity beyond it. However, the more meetings we had, I came to think that as time passes, more than something being forced, persuaded or understood, things that can be felt in the heart and soaks in naturally leaves a longer lasting impression. I started designing hoping for the space to become a place where the patients who come to the oriental medicine clinic feel peaceful and be able to talk about everything about them. Just like the front of our childhood home in our memories that are held in our hearts even now, like the memories of that neighborhood… Soaking in To create that feeling, there are three key words planted in the space. The first is the simplified structure of the space. Except for functional structure, we wanted to take out the structures for decoration. We wanted the message given by the structure of the ‘Aeichi Korean Medical Clinic’ to be concise and simple, that did not need any florid language. And the second is the devices for communication. We used objet to open the space and to let light soak in so that by welcoming the outside elements naturally the outside light can permeate into the space without disturbing the lifestyle and also to naturally recognize the changes of the day in the space. In addition, the walls are partially opened and doors are minimized to the extent that they do not harm the function.

Look for Korean design. We are a Korean design studio. We are looking for the history of design in Korea and studying its essence. We are trying to express the outcome of our actions on our projects. We think it is very important for us to find the history of design in Korea. In particular, the modern design history of Korea, which have been lost by others, are very meaningful to develop the present design. We think that various designs influenced by different environments and cultures are shared and influenced by each other, leading to the development of design. Korean design is also an important part of it. That is why we must continue to do what we believe to be our creed. "Aeichi Korean Medical Clinic" is a project that includes our creed. We can not say that this project has a complete design history of Korea, but we think it is a meaningful project to introduce a part of them. It is a concept space where you can feel the emotions of the old neighborhood of Korea rather than the colorful elements shown and expressed it with the simplicity of our studio. In particular, we overcome the shortcomings of space and designed it as an element that can feel the change of light over time. If we win in the Frame Awards 2020, it will be a glorious moment for our studio and the Korean design industry. If we find Korean design, that moment will be a great encouragement and a great opportunity to create a diverse design culture. Can you give us a chance?