The most challenging point of this project was how to make the urbanity of Shinjuku and the brand image of Aesop coexist in one space.It's not just to design a store of Aesop, or just to design a store in Shinjuku. It was how to put two things that seem to be completely opposite into one space to construct a world view.

Shinjuku is one of the more Tokyo-like places in Tokyo.There is a jungle of buildings, and the city is full of crowds. And at night, there is a glimmering atmosphere of the city such as neon signs.

Aesop, on the other hand, has a neat array of products, and has the image of a natural and generous feelings. For the solutions to combine these, we decided to use stainless steel mirror finish. To a glorious artificial volume of stainless steel, we combined the chipped plaster walls and floor finish that has a rough expression . By incorporating the rounded shape in the details of the wall corners and the edges of the shelves, we tried to create an integrated image of metal and plastering material. The mirror part shows the view of Shinjuku seen through the facade with various expressions day and night. To combine these materials, we aimed to create a store which will function as a new retreat in Shinjuku.