As Germany’s largest private charity in the social sector, AKTION MENSCH is dedicated to ensuring the normal coexistence of people with and without disabilities in all walks of life. Inclusion is key for this non-profit association, which has been financed through a social lottery for over 50 years. And this now becomes evident in their own headquarters in Bonn. But how can the impressive diversity of its team be fostered in everyday working life without limits and restraints becoming tangible? We translate it into a design concept that takes diversity as its guiding principle. Interior architecture as a strong framework for the human.

Our aim: To create a dynamic work world across 3900 m² where differences are normal. Meeting the same demands as in the numerous projects that AKTION MENSCH supports each month. Making innate values tangible. Creating a place where all employees feel they belong. To do this, we exploited our strengths as a multidisciplinary design studio to implement inclusion in a modern and sustainable way. While at the same time preserving the structural substance of this office building from the 1990s, because a responsible use of resources is just as important. Responsibility shows itself best in cooperation.

After reorganising the total floor area into eight zones, work life is organised around a village square that forms the centrepiece of each area. As central meeting places, all village squares have their own theme, from which the colour scheme for the square and the adjacent department is derived. This not only improves orientation, but strengthens the sense of belonging. Employee diversity is illustrated in the bold colours of the room elements. Changeable furniture, soft materials and round shapes that are never perfectly round. Each of them is unique, just like the personalities who work here. Equal rights on an equal footing.