The site locates at Taoyuan Village, which is adjacent to OCT and Tanglang Mountain. It is between Nanshan District and Futian District.

Because of the mountain, it has the unique temperament of the coexistence of secular and escapism. Just like the sunlight through the branches spreads on the face, cozy and relaxed but not aggressive. So we set the motif of "Abstract Forest" trying to use "Forest" to reconstruct a "Peach Blossom Garden" that grows naturally in the community.

To reduce the burden of decoration on the environment and make the store look like grown here. After a second renovation, we installed the recycled old lumber squares, discarded marbles, and tracks of doors and windows in the space. Try to reduce the additional material pollution caused by the decoration of the new store and retain the time imprint of the old objects. Keep the original state of the lumber squares as much as possible while deodorizing and polishing. They present the rough texture, worn numbers, natural cracks, and flawed time imprints without reservation in front of customers.

The lumber squares are staggered placed in the most suitable position. The tone of "forest" is set up. They can be set as a table, embedded in stainless steel plates as a display rack, or slotted and embedded with wires and charging sockets. The collision of primitive and modern makes the old things more interesting. The craftsmanship of terrazzo originated in Venice in the 16th century. The masons brought home the leftover marble scraps from the decoration of mansions and inlaid them in the yard at will. After simple treatment, they obtained unexpected results. We chose an ancient craft - handmade terrazzo. We recycled the aged discarded large green marble from the stone factory. The designer and Party A broke it on the site by free fall or smashing it with a hand hammer. It cracked into different shapes naturally and randomly.

Just like the dense branches and leaves of the forest interweaving with the warm sunlight to create a mottled image, to create a courtyard with "light and shadow". When we wanted to evoke everyone's memory of the old park signs, we found that due to the rapid development of electronic products, the oldest 8-bead LED has almost disappeared. Party A's unremitting searching allowed us to refit with old antiques. We incorporated digital installations with a "past" futuristic sense in the cement and wood construction.

It is also our thinking about the current nature and environment. The finished aluminum alloy profiles use for façade decoration and ceiling light rails. We completed the reconstruction of materials in a relatively low-cost way and made them unified. The back kitchen contacted the front bar through the food outlet to complete the efficient meal delivery. It reserved more possibilities for future product expansion as well.