An extensive renovation of an old A&P supermarket, Avling Kitchen and Brewery draws inspiration from the “field to glass” principle of early breweries. Using the fallow crops of Ontario farms, Avling maintains a connection to its namesake, Norwegian for harvest.

LAMAS’ architectural concept was to deliver a clean bright space, yet one that was slightly off optically. “Fields” are zoned by pink steel structure, larger than life 3x6 wood frames, and optic fields of lights, glazing and a custom mural. On the roof, the architects designed a 400 square meter vegetable and herb garden. The roof is integral to the function of the whole building, using waste water from the brewing process and also supplying the beer with seasonal infusions.

The mural in the restaurant by Madison van Rijn reinterprets the crop fields of rural Ontario as color fields, texturing and patterning the walls with abstract forms on the verge of recognition.

Avling Kitchen and Brewery is an extensive forward thinking project involving the coordination of huge structural changes to an existing building. Far beyond a simple renovation, the large gravity load of the fermentation tanks necessitated vast improvements to structure and foundation not to mention the incorporation of a large green roof.

The roof garden is an integral part of that concept and reflects a devotion by the client to progressive use of space in the food industry. It allows them to grow ingredients for their food and beer, as well as to redirect waste water from the brewery for irrigation and other low waste initiatives.

Along with these forward thinking ideas for the use of the space and the building, the design itself aims is intended as a departure from conventional brewery aesthetics. From the mural by Madison van Rijn, to the pink painted structural steel and oversize wood framing, the design aims to subvert normative expectations of breweries and make a far more neutral and inclusive space for many different users.

For the forward looking aspects of this design, we believe that Avling is the best candidate to win in the “Bar of the Year” category.