Beauty Innovation 2020 is a window display inspired by the wind that occurs in the natural environment and the gusts of leaves blown on updrafts in the city, seeking to visualise the complex and diverse forms of beauty that emerge from the uncontrolled, random movement of paper and wind.

The core of this window installation is how to use technology to eliminate its presence and extract only the behavior of nature, whilst additionally embodying the client Shiseido's corporate philosophy: "The Diversity of Beauty Creates Innovation That Leads to a Better World."

Firstly, we installed a small circulator directly beneath 80 circular pieces of paper arranged uniformly in 5 vertical columns and 16 rows perpendicular to wires running the height of the space. The result initiated the paper to move in an undulating rhythm controlled by a regulated airflow. When different gusts of air collided, an unplanned flow of wind occurred, and created organic movements almost as if the paper itself was alive and dancing. By abstracting these forms, it allowed the fluctuations of the natural phenomena to take centre stage.

This window display was situated in the epicentre of Tokyo, where a fixation on efficiency is prime. We aimed to incite greater empathy and immersion in the viewer by drawing out the beauty from the familiarity of natural phenomena. In our ever-increasing digitised and technology-driven world, the connection with nature is imperative for humans. We carefully considered lighting and material textures to recreate the lightness reminiscent of the moment a bird flaps its wings in the sky, or a leaf gestured by the wind.

Furthermore, diverse movements are attractive, and you will never get tired of seeing them. This also proved to be a very effective approach for window installation, that encouraged a wide range of people to stop, engage with the piece, and learn about the company's philosophy.