“It’s the nature of children to play games and embrace wild imaginations. With regard to the theme, we hope to bring a beautiful world into children’s lives, hence the concept of “picture book story” as our inspiration. The delicately-designed lines, as visual expression elements, became the soul of this design."

Blossom School has been advocating for the aesthetic education of the future. Thoughts of Karv One Design about children's education are expressed in its design of the interior space and the display, which enables users to explore the whole space in a relaxed manner.

The gigantic "FLY" shaped abstract lines and rainbow background curtain create a fantastic atmosphere for the whole space of the entrance lobby. The presence of "guardians of space" , e.g. Granny Blossom who is dedicated to education, and the creative sandbox made up of tens of thousands of Lego bricks, stimulate children’s imagination and create Edu-taiment experience that combines education with fun.

By redefining sales center in this project, which combines future education and shared community space, Karv One Design worked with Fantasia Holdings to stimulate new people-to-people and people-to-space interactions from the perspective of space and environmental aesthetics. This project is so much more than just a school. It is also fertile soil for the public that incubates unlimited possibilities for the future.