Born from a deep-rooted love for beauty and entertaining, Cadine is a retail destination that aims to elevate the meticulous, time-honoured traditions of artisans and floriculturists, as makers of the most lasting and beloved objects. Much like being welcomed into a dear friend’s home, guests are invited to explore fresh botanicals, art, books, leather goods, home decor, clothing, and fine jewellery. Embracing the delicate art of long-lasting craftsmanship, the space hangs between a quiet, pensive moment and the celebration of articulated innovation.

The design intent was approachable luxury. Somewhere you want to be, and gain inspiration from; a memorable moment in time. The space took inspiration from the client's history with growing their own florals and the organic nature of plant life. Nestled in a sprawling garden full of lush greenery, the clients' florals are locally harvested at their private nursery and creative retreat.

The boutique carries on this legacy as a source of grounding inspiration, with organic shapes only found in nature replicated in their form through the choice of materials and the millwork details. Evoking the delicate curve of a frond that sways in the wind - yet still stands with grace and pride, feminine forms married with soft textures are balanced with soaring heights within the space, delivering a sense of stability and wonderment.

There are many layers to peel back within the space, offering a new way to retail in today’s landscape. A beautiful, organic pallet evokes a sense of ease in the space, nothing feels forced. Both subtle and thoughtful, there is an inviting and effortless feel when you enter, yet the space is intentionally curated and focused, delivering a seamless guest experience. Textures and materials are applied with a broad approach: sanded wall paint, leathered granite and painted millwork are key gestures, punctuated with brass accents and a rich figured wood veneer.

We wanted to create a retail space that felt more like an experience and highlight the merchandise while being conscious of construction costs and functional programming. Retail design requires high impact visuals paired with hard-working spaces and therefore solutions such as flexible yet beautiful retail shelving were a must. The florals added another layer of complexity given that the act of storing and prepping the stems, and arranging and wrapping the flowers imply wet, messy work. To feature the process of floral design in the shop posed challenges for cleanability and durability of materials.

Positioning the workstation with its abundance of flowers as a central focal point of the space acknowledges the duality of organic materials, as both beautiful and at times, unruly. Wrapped in leathered granite, the workstation creates a space that embraces the beautiful chaos of floral arranging, while delivering a visual and sensorial experience for the guest.