DESIGN STATEMENT Bidam is project that renews Hanok into a performance venue and a cafe, with concept of ‘Korean Royal Orchestra’. The stage is located at the courtyard to make audiences enjoy a show with drinks. Seats are created by extending and overlapping the terrace. The folding screen behind the stage is role of an orchestra shell, and the wall is made of Korean-ish materials designed to create a rich reverberation. The iconic colors of the Orchestra costume which are Yellow, blue, and red are used as lighting and finishes. It is intended to provide a space where visitors can feel Korean emotion by harmony of traditional and modern architecture. 

FORM Exterior: Contrast of existing Hanok structure and newly created Mass. Interior: Separation space into the courtyard designed as stage and the terrace designed as audience seats. The front is designed to traditional floor culture style. The side is contemporary. 

FUNCTION The courtyard, which plays the role of the stage, was leveled using Pocheon stone. A traditional folding screen acting as an orchestra shell is placed behind the stage. The audience seats are designed by visualizing traditional clothing that is characterized by layering. 

DIFFERENTIATION The harmony between traditional and modern Korean architecture. Combination of F&B space and a performance venue. Lighting and finishing materials using colors of traditional costume which are blue, yellow and red. Separation of sitting/standing space using traditional curtains 

IMPACT Branding that expresses the Korean sentiment, which means “Empty then Fill”. The bar design reinterpreted with the feeling of traditional ink painting with using modern material, colored concrete. A round window facing the other side’s beautiful wall and a beverage pickup area.