The Bregenz Festspiele invites stage designers to create a stage sculpture for a two year duration on Lake Constance.

Es Devlin’s sculpture for Carmen is a pair of hands rising 25 metres out of the water of Lake Constance. The hands are throwing a pack of cards in the air and within this freeze frame of a gesture the performance takes place. The opera is performed on and among the scattered and floating cards – every surface of which evolves throughout the performance with projected video.

functionality/ user friendliness | innovation | Use of materials and products | Artistic merit | concept/ inspiration (200 Words)
The project was a fusion of poetry and physics: Carmen is a piece that explores the tension between freedom and fate: in response, the design suspends the action between the sky and the sea. It was a feat of technical engineering to make something so structural and so weather resilient look so light and airborne.