CosMax, located in a modern high rise office building in the centre of Hong Kong, is the latest inception of a cosmetic medical centre with interiors inspired by a subterranean mushroom cave. The design aims to transport guests from their busy urban lives into a serene environment upon the moment of arrival, allowing them to relax throughout their medical procedures in an otherwise stressful experience. This reflects the brand’s philosophy and discerning values with interiors that are professional and reassuring.

The design brief called for a futuristic yet meditative sense of place. In the 400sqm space is a reception lounge, consultation, treatment and cocoon-like after-care relaxation rooms. The reception lounge sets the scene, a cave like structure with a strong link to nature inspired by the elaborate curves and softness of a mushroom. This vernacular is expressed throughout the design. The cave interior, mushroom lamps, tubular skylights and Travertine columns all add to the visitor’s sense of peace and tranquility, redefining the experience of a cosmetic medical centre.

The journey starts as guests arrive in a cave-like reception, giving them a sense of peace and stillness. Two large illuminated openings framed by extruded plaster tubes in the ceiling act as skylights, suffusing the reception lounge in a soft glow. As the journey continues, they pass through an entrance marked by Travertine columns into a futuristic tunnel. Privacy is at the heart of the design, and particular attention was paid to lighting and movement via the passage leading guests between the various rooms. The journey ends with the cocoon-like relaxation pods, giving the guests a sense of security while they are resting.

Throughout the design there is a strong contrast between nature and technology. The geometric metallic reception counter juxtaposes with the cave-like environment of the lounge, while the curved plastered passage ceiling with inset lights goes against the strong metallic materiality and scientific feel of the corridor. Subtle nuances maximize the visitors comfort while maintaining their confidence and trust.

“We wanted to challenge the old concepts of a cosmetic medical centre” says NCDA founder Nelson Chow. “It does not have to be a stark, clinical experience. You should feel cherished and cared for from the minute you walk through the door.”