Located in the Dutch city of Hilversum, Eleganza is a multi-brand store for high-end footwear.

We created a contemporary shoe store with a dramatic visual split between the men’s and women’s collections. Through an oblique line, supported by color blocking and black lighting tracks, the illusion is evoked that the store is cut in half at an angle. On the men’s side shades of grey simulate a cool atmosphere juxtaposed by the warm blushing nudes of the women’s segment.

Contained in the two parallel realities are flexible shelving systems appended to the walls. These are slanted in a way to display the shoes from an upper angle, resembling the view of the wearer. Display blocks can be added to allow a flexible placement of different types of shoes. Free standing amorphous furniture for seating and display softens the sharp lines and completes the modular layout. The high-quality materials and an exceptional use of color create an exclusive and original customer experience while ensuring an efficient use of space.

Through its sophisticated concept, without compromising on functionality, Eleganza stands out above its competitors. A clever use of space, a refined colour palette and the use of innovative materials makes this the perfect outpost for shoe aficionados.