Ergon House sits in the heart of Athens, on the ground floor and a 4-storey building, that has a listed two storey façade and four storeys of newbuilt addition in the 90’s. Restaurant and store facilities are taking place on the ground floor. The entrance is revealed after one has crossed the atrium. The rooms have an interior facade looking at the atrium and a back looking at the Acropolis. This hotel’s biggest challenge was to combine traditional Greek architecture along with needs of the modern gastronomy-oriented traveller. Working with a rectangular shape of the typical floor, the rooms are arrayed around central common spaces such as the lobby, the shared kitchens and the fitness room. In a rectangular room, the bed is placed towards the one end of the room next to the window view. The room is arranged in three zones; the entrance through the wet areas, the sitting area with the desk and a bench and an elevated large open sleep area. The reception is located on the first floor along with the lounge area. The interior design spins around traditional Greek architecture; the beds echo the old bunk bed style, tapestry by woven loom textiles are used as a decorative element, while the decorative cinder blocks refer to the entrances of downtown Athens multi-storey buildings of the 60’s. The materiality of the Greek city is present in the finishes, as walnut, terrazzo, marble, concrete blocks and off-white paint are found within the interior of the hotel.

Urban Soul Project is a studio that was born in Greece in the middle of the crisis by people who shared the same hopes and dreams. Throughout the past 10 years the team managed to emerge as an important interior design practice based in Greece but performing Europe wide, winning some important awards and counting 37 employees at this moment. We believe that architecture and design is a premium exportable product. The culture of design in Greece overall is highly appreciated globally, with still some room to cover.
The studio has won and has been shortlisted for design awards such as the German Design Award and the A' Design Award for Colors Urban Hotel, and won the International Hotel and Property Award in 2018, in the category Luxury Residence £1-2.5 million for an apartment in London. Finally, our project Looney Bean was shortlisted for Best of the Year Awards in 2017, of Interior Design Magazine.
Winning awards puts design studios in the map of design globally. There is another level of clientele that is reached through being present in the award winning pool of professional and we yearly try to be on this pool.This year, we believe that this project has something to offer in the dialogue of hotel design.