The project integrates office and exhibition space. The internal wall, ceiling and staircase are clad in white paint, realizing an expression of dematerialization and highlighting the textured and sculptural features. The space has a rectangular plane. The designers created a U-shaped area that combines with one long side and the five large windows, allowing natural light to filter in and diffuse freely. The entrance protrudes towards the foyer, due to the consideration of fire control regulations. Its position and width for evacuation bring new opportunities for organizing spatial pattern and form. The overall spatial design starts here.

The spatial form of the office is shaped based on classical languages. It absorbs arched elements from Antonello da Messina's masterpiece "St. Jerome in His Study". In the painting, Messina depicted an "eternal" space that combines openness and privacy as well as fluidity and serenity by the use of arches, which can be seen on architectural and interior structures, landscape and furniture.

The designers utilized classical elements with modern approaches, to add a sense of eternity to the space. Besides, sphere--the most beautiful solid figure is brought in, which enhances the spatial aesthetic while enriching users' experiences at spiritual level.