We have created a no-nonsense spatial concept which honours the industrial history of this impressive building. Using materials, textures and colours that derive from the building itself, we've designed an interior that effortlessly merges with its environment. The Living Room hosts a library, coffee bar, reading table, podcast lounge, a cosy fireplace and a fine viewpoint to gaze across the North Sea Channel..
The Living Room invites the visitors to spend a whole day, reading, studying, have a cup of tea and watch the passing ships. The exhibition curators fill the shelves of the library, host lectures and program the lounge with podcasts and films. The 6 meter long reading table is ready for debates or for reading from the carefully chosen selection of magazines.
The project is set up as a pilot version, everyting is tested, the program, the building and the people it attracts. After about three years it is planned to be rebuild to it’s definate shape.
To facilitate this experimental, learning by doing, fase we have designed the space to be flexible, partly modular and sustainable. We have altered nothing to the building but added spacial elements to facilitate these first experiments.

To interact with this impressive building with it’s long history has been a joy. We really love what Het HEM is bringing to the cultural landscape and feel honoured to have facilitated this part of the start of their journey.
We have submitted this project because we think this collaboration worked out really well.

The Living Room exists out of zones which all have their own functionality.
Next to hospitality elements such as the bar and seating area, there are also areas which host part of the seasonal program of Het HEM.

Honouring the industrial character of the building we made use of base (building) materials such as plywood, concrete plywood, rack cupboard, pallet crates and transporter crates and merged them into a no-nonsense spatial design.

The fact that this phase is temporary was a big part of our designing process, it guided our choice of materials. Our two biggest structures, the library and the backdrop of the bar are created with rack cupboard as the base of the design. The idea is that they can be re-used in later stage.

The aim of Het HEM is to create an inclusive, contemporary art center for people of all layers of society. Visitors can move freely through the building to discover art in their own way. The Living Room is the comfortable heart of the building from which all the journeys begin.