This brand originated from Hong Kong is located in the Galeries Lafayette shopping mall in Shanghai. The design implicitly reflects the conflict between dampness and coolness in Hong Kong’s movies – as well as the loneliness of the leading actor and actress in a languorous and noisy environment.

Regarding to the design details, the facade utilizes dark brown veneer to outline the window frame. At the same time, metallic rivets are applied in details to highlight the retro sense.
The entrance aims to stay humble before standing out. It starts with the aura of “old Shanghai”, "old Hong Kong", and "old southern Asia", created by the composition of dark green wall, small mosaic ground, and gilding red signboard with a feeling of laziness, nosiness and flirtation. Then on the contrary, the lobby suddenly turns bright and is primarily decorated with mint green tone. Meanwhile, the ceiling is constructed with aluminium grating to imitate the natural daylight. The overall picture always reminds visitors of the ladies in in Karwai Wong’s film, who prefer to wear cheongsam and stilettos, with delicate makeups. Even though they look cool, charming and unruly, it is still impossible to ignore their quiet but tremendous loneliness.

Born and bred in China while educated western abroad, our trans-disciplinary design team devote ourselves to crossover of western design discipline with Chinese artistic perspective. That leads us the way to look at the past with a modern eye and create the balance between design, fashion, and art.
The design is inspired by the movie “2046”,describing old Hongkong and old Shanghai, revisited in a contemporary and eclectic way, as well as in the fascinating environment from the crowded streets of Hongkong into the depths of Asia. The interior is divided into two space---an entrance features dark green painted wall and mosaic joint marble floor; and an light mint green and airy interior space is accentuated by high ceiling which acts like natural light coming through the suspended stainless steel grids. The big contrast between the entrance and interior recalls the feel of struggle and relief, lost and lonelines in such a crowed city as HongKong.