The client is a well-known seafood production company who acquired an old textile factory behind their premises. The client’s vision for the building and interior spaces was to create a new retail experience for customers. He was interested in a retrofit that would display the company’s products as well as offer an immersive dining experience for customers.

The expansive singular space of the factory was opened up by eliminating its internal walls, leaving behind its support columns. We then worked with the existing structure and developed a scheme that would encourage smooth fluid circulation within the open space, identifying the need to create “stations” within it to define and articulate its expansive interior.

The brief was rather complex as it called for a seamless flow of spaces that would work for both the client’s daily local customers as well as international distributors visiting the factory and showroom. While both were visiting customers to the business, the nature of their custom differed. It was important to cater adequately for both parties without creating separate spaces, and instead, create a single functional yet attractive retail environment.

In the attempt to merge both the corporate and retail ends of the business, the end result is striking. A commanding dynamic façade welcomes you into a streamlined contemporary interior. This striking facade was inspired by the cladding pattern which marks the interior timber linear panels. Sinuous timber fins flow on dividing screens and display counters. The wave-like fins guide you along through the various stations—an oyster bar, a seafood display, a Teppanyaki bar and a cold storage section—working effectively as both visual prompt and partition.

The dynamism of the space provides people with a fresh new experience of seafood retail and give depth to how once can construct movement within a space through compelling design.