From the evolution of transportation means to the TOD urban development model, Karv One Design uses the concept of “Hyperion · Light Year” to smoothly bridge the two subjects.
On the Exhibiting Line, Karv One focuses on a core theme: TOD. It explores past and present of TOD as well as its application in this Longfor project. Eventually, six theme areas are put in place: Prologue, The Corridor of Time, The Change of Times, Global Experience, Examples of Wisdom, and Next Stop: Light Year. On the Marketing Line, Karv One focuses on designs that stress positive experience and atmosphere, as it hopes to create a future life experience that inspires imagination and sense of technology
As HSR trains update the city’s space and time with speed, Karv One combines the concept of “Traveling Train” with changing curves to highlight sense of technology in the exhibition hall.
The ever-rest “Wheel” is the focus of attention in the space, the idea of which is derived from the concept of train and clock.
The thoughtful sleek ceiling, the striking bar counter at the entrance and its foundation, the urban architectural model inlaid on the wall... All of these are creative expressions of infinite possibilities of future urban development.

Located in Shapingba District of Chongqing, Longfor Hyperiôn Project is China’s first high-speed rail transit oriented development (TOD) project in a central business district (CBD). This 480,000-square-meter super-large complex that occupies key urban & traffic nodes will for sure refresh people’s perceptions of city and lifestyle.By focusing on the project value of Longfor’s benchmarking efforts to achieve strategic transformation, Karv One breaks away from the box of thinking of the current commercial real estate marketing, as it combines exhibition planning and interior space design and centers around the creation of sensory experience and emotional resonance that touches people’s heartstrings.
Traditional exhibition halls simply focus on multimedia and text display, and yet huge amounts of investment only bring forward indigestible information content. Therefore, how to improve the experience of visitors in an exhibition hall and how to efficiently deliver and display information become the starting point by which Karv One rearranges exhibition hall flow lines and develops narrative-style exhibition planning.
Technology, transportation, trends of thought, and policies are changing rapidly, and the world is constantly renewing itself. While re-examining ever-changing cities, Karv One is keen to use innovative and narrative experience designs to envision future urban renewal.