The designers conceived J1M5 Boutique by taking "suitcase" as the design concept. The team combined the movable, flexible features of suitcase with the origin of multi-brand boutique, and at the same time took full account of spatial layout, circulation, color palette and experiences, working out unique spatial languages that blend logic with artistry.

Cabinets are made capable of rotating 360 degrees at horizontal level. Adjustment of a single structure will lead to the change of the entire space. Each combination of structures is a new presentation of functions and visual effects.
Arranged in an orderly manner, the columns endow the space with a distinctive character, which attracts customers to step in and wander between the columns (i.e. displayed brand clothes).

The position of columns can be adjusted to generate different catwalk routes and spatial patterns, so as to meet varying demands for catwalk shows. Columns are moved to two sides and combined as a matrix. In this way, the usable area of the space is maximized to serve a wide spectrum of events, such as pop-ups and small-scale press conferences of brands. All other functional areas in the store are distinctive and cater for daily shooting needs.

This is a space with changeable structures. It can be either empty or full of columns. Designers broke the conventional imagination of all kinds of stores, and created a distinctive retail space for J1M5 based on functional demands and subversive design approaches.