Less Waste Office is the first such project on a Polish market that demonstrates sustainable development in workplace design, beneficial for the environment, people and business. The less waste idea is intended to strengthen the employee's identification with the company's environmental values.

Approximately 80% of the interior elements are recycled, reused and ecological. Part of electrical and ventilation installations were renovated and reinstalled. Unused ceilings, acoustic panels and carpets from manufacturers' warehouses were refurbished and fitted. Furniture, lamps and decorative elements were found in the trift shops and advertising portals. Used pots and older plants were given a "second life".

Recycled bricks, ecological paints, decorations from biodegradable foil and natural cork on the walls were used. Ecological and recyclable products were used: carpets without harmful bituminous bases, table tops made of recycled plastic packaging from Smile Plastics, conference chairs made of PET plastic or recycled aluminium. The 20% of brand-new elements are mostly desks and chairs. This is determined by ergonomics – caring for the employees' health means they have to be equally functional and ensure high work comfort.

We maintained the aesthetics familiar to the client – warm Scandinavian style. The result triggers emotions tied to a cosy home, retreat or favourite café, where the objects bear an emotional charge and are not impersonal.

Workplace design which uses 3R guidelines required an experimental process. To ensure that the design followed and showcased the less waste idea, we had to prove that any reduction in environmental costs went hand in hand with fulfilling the client's business standards:
• a budget similar to previous designs,
• 6-month execution period,
• work and acoustic comfort, as well as good lighting.