Es Devlin’s first solo exhibition drew thousands to a warehouse in Peckham.
The experiential installation explored the complex interplay between scent and memory.
It began with a film – a film with a hole in it, through which the audience passed into a large scale mirror maze, based on multiple iterations of a fragment of Coco Chanel’s staircase. Underground passageways lead to the heart of the maze: a flooded semi cylindrical projection space filled with sound and supersaturated colour projected footage drawn from Es’s personal archive of memories. Visitors emerged into a vibrant red / orange room filled with a scent that was created by Chanel specifically for this event: Entitled ‘CHANEL SE15’, the scent could only be experienced for 5 days in Peckham.

The work began with a question: what if you could engage in a train of thought via the familiar terms of engagement between cinema screen and seated audience, and then walk through a hole in a film and experience a translation of its themes into architecture. The audience shifted from witness to protagonist of the work and this transformation in terms of engagement became the main sequence of events.