● MO de Movimiento is Proyectos Conscientes' first initiative. This company was founded in 2018 by Javier Antequera and Felipe Turell, with the aim of redefining the concept of success in business and to drive a cultural transformation.

● Collaboration and innovation were at the forefront throughout the former Espronceda Theater’s entire renovation process. Said renovation was carried out under the stamp of designer and craftsman Lucas Muñoz, along with a team engaged with conscious change.

● By carefully selecting raw materials and artisan, ecological and top-quality products, MO de Movimiento supports and raises visibility of the work and engagement of small Spanish producers.

● Ambitious to act both as an agent for change and as a project accessible to all, MO de Movimiento helps to integrate and professionally develop those who face difficulty in accessing the job market.

It aims to boost engagement with a positive impact through a space for opportunity. A space to reimagine a more conscious kind of urban leisure.

The current health crisis has laid bare our culture of unfettered consumption and the vulnerabilities of an economic system that places individual profit above the collective good. MO de Movimiento was envisioned over two years ago, with the goal of redesigning this model and proving that we can work with more responsible consumption.

All decisions we may make now will have an impact over the next ten years. For this reason, MO de Movimiento is designed as a positive-impact project. MO was built on the foundation of sustainability, social engagement and business ethics, under a framework of inclusive and humanist capitalism. Its only purpose is to create tangible, long-lasting value: value for society, for the MO team, for its network of small providers and for all those who wish to join our movement.

MO is introduced as a movement, but it is also a modus operandi. It is a moment. It acts as a living body to create alliances that create and scale change, inspiring others to replicate it. MO symbolizes the transformation of impassivity. It is an optimistic reaction to our environment, to imagine and offer solutions and opportunities to the challenges of today.

Our current context is headed toward fast-tracked change, toward several measures that are already part of Movimiento's MO: policies to recover and reuse, local suppliers, the eclipse of physical money, opportunities for transformation and professional integration (with no distinction of gender, age or nationality) and responsibility toward the team, suppliers and clients. It offers an environment and, particularly and especially, food, that is sustainable and healthy.

MO de Movimiento is an initiative by Proyectos Conscientes, a company co-founded by businessmen Felipe Turell and Javier Antequera. They both have extensive national and international experience in the restaurant and catering industry to drive positive-impact businesses forward. To this end, Felipe and Javier seek to break once and for all with the idea that a business aspiring to greater profitability must do so at the cost of a greater negative impact on people and the planet.

Felipe and Javier worked with a team committed to MO de Movimiento's vision, motivated by collaborative experimentation. Many individuals shaped this initial project: designer and craftsman Lucas Muñoz, in collaboration with Inés Sistiaga and Joan Vellvé for design strategy and material implementation, with the encouragement and supervision of curators Gonzalo Machado and Mafalda Muñoz, expert in comprehensive sustainability and circularity Cristina Freire (TheNext Sustainability), specialist in environmental impact analysis Marcel Gómez, Zimenta Obras y Proyectos and Zetus Soluciones Energéticas for construction and engineering, Relajaelcoco on identity, graphic design and website, the landscape study by Fernando Martos, co-founder and president of the Raíces Foundation for professional inclusion, Lourdes Reyzabal, and more.


MO de Movimiento came about in response to a concern, and is moved by commitment and a will to change. Its maxim is to create value through each decision taken in the project and with each product consumed within the space. MO de Movimiento seeks to create value, and it does so by working with a focus on comprehensive inclusion and sustainability.

Comprehensive inclusiveness means designing, landing and managing a project for all. It means believing in talent and believing in people. MO de Movimiento offers a platform of development and opportunity to individuals whose talent goes untapped day after day, the result of prejudice or fear that make it increasingly difficult for them to access the job market. Collaboration with the Norte Joven Association, the Tomillo Foundation and the Raíces Foundation makes our commitment to talent tangible and contributes to positive impact.

Comprehensive sustainability means laying the foundation and shaping the space based on a conversation with each material and all the expert voices involved in the project. It means having a holistic focus, open to reconsidering everything and taking nothing as a given, with a detailed analysis of the consequences of each decision.

Lucas Muñoz’s design project supported local and recovered materials, traditional technologies and new solutions that have yet to establish themselves on the market. When it sprung to life, it resuscitated trades and rescued specialized labor. All this, while also reducing the ecological footprint left behind by the materials and their transport by over 70%. Additionally, throughout the entire process, we strove to use local initiatives in terms of materials, people and food. MO believes in strengthening the local network through traditional values and casts an innovative gaze toward the future.


MO de Movimiento is a rationalist project. It shies away from the superfluous and formalist actions that use aesthetic value as a method of seduction. Instead, MO prefers to explore in detail and share the story behind each material and each construction system.

The spatial project made great efforts to limit the use of virgin material, whenever reuse was possible: the rubble from demolishing the previous space was re-encapsulated as benches, the kitchen was tiled with remnants from other construction sites, the old EFE Agency rooftop stairway was reassembled and showcased to provide access to the bakery and the upper floor and the restaurant's lights are fluorescent bulb cases from parking areas, rescued from different sources and brought up-to-date with LED technology by students from the Norte Joven Association and the design team.

Moreover, construction is not the only aspect that reused materials: the restaurant uniforms are restored second-hand shirts dyed with natural dyes. The dye was extracted from nails from the wood holding up the building's old audience seating area. This wood was re-assembled to make the furniture. Reused textiles were used to stuff the cushions on the benches, as well as the acoustic panels covering the establishment's ceiling.

The MO project's use of energy has a great impact on many decisions. This is both in terms of transport for materials and products, and the space inside the establishment. In this line, two large artisan ovens, fed with firewood from pruning, are the heart that heats a circuit of radiators and radiant floors. Their design includes a copper coil between their walls, which reuses the dissipating calorific energy. The water input was fit with a sophisticated filtering system to avoid the impact of bottled water and to enhance all kitchen and oven use. Of note is an innovative adiabatic cooling system, consisting of several large, perforated clay jugs that hang from the ceiling. Equipped with fans and water, they cool and humidify the warm, dry air of Madrid. Along with the adiabatic walls that operate similarly to the ones in the patio, these jugs cooperate with the establishment's air conditioning system, reducing the energy footprint and consumption.

Craft food products from Cuenca, Segovia, Valladolid and Extremadura. Wild Iberian pigs, eco-friendly free-range chickens, organic fields in Toledo, Zaragoza, Motril and La Vera and eco-friendly stone-ground flour from Sigüenza and Zamora. Specialty coffee, developed in collaboration with Supracafé to support coffee-farming women from Cauca, in Colombia. A patio with recovered orange trees from Valencia, sending a message of support for local products, jeopardized by globalized trade...

MO de Movimiento is home to many stories that exemplify engagement with conscious decisions, both individually and the ensemble of decisions as a whole. These stories are the narrative thread of a group of large textile panels, manufactured by hand with natural wool and designed with information from the project's data bank. Covering the restaurant's walls, they symbolize awareness and engagement throughout the creation process and represent the team. They act as a map and memory of the ambition to keep learning, sharing and improving with future projects that share the same challenge: to fast-track a change toward conscious consumption.