Monolithic – a light installation consisting of 5,376 suspended LEDs configured into a cubic monolith that ran for the duration of Yard (at Motion, Bristol, UK) on Saturday 26th August 2017. It occupies a 7.5m cube, with the lights suspended to just above head height.

The work was installed in a warehouse, which acted as a passage between two outdoor dance spaces. The space provided people with the opportunity to be absorbed in and beguiled by the installation. Several DJs programmed an hour each of ambient music which was then combined with the installation.

First shown at The YARD Open Air Club, Motion Bristol (UK) on 26th August 2017, the piece offered people the opportunity for a break from the house and techno on the day, with DJ artists showcasing another side of their music knowledge through ambient sets. Contributing musicians included Lost Souls Of Saturn, Daniel Avery, Axel Boman, Midland, Tobias, Octo Octa and Housework.

The work builds on an array of related volumetric works that have been developed over the last ten years, using large 3D arrays of LEDs to create the impression of presence and movement in physical space.

The project is part of a 10 year research project exploring the creative possibilities of using 3D arrays of LEds to recreate digital form and architecture in physical space.

Originally conceived of as an immersive art installation, we have recently been exploring the capabilities of the system with live music. At its core is a bespoke volumetric rendering engine complete with 3D particle systems.

All visuals are generated in real time, and can be triggered in clear choreaographic routines, as live VJ systems, connected to sound amplitude and other live inputs, or run as a generative system.

We see the technical platform as an emerging medium in its own right, with its own affordances, strengths and constraints.