Re-ply is a social initiative set up by the New York office of Australian architecture firm BVN, with a mission to up-cycle the plywood sheets used to barricade NYC buildings during unrest at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Re-ply’s initial imperative was to produce a cost-effective kit of outdoor furniture and planters to allow restaurants to quickly re-open for social distanced outdoor dining.

The ‘design for manufacture’ approach used for the restaurant furniture was a micro-scale translation of the design principles BVN has been developing over the last 5 years in workplace and flex office projects in the US and Canada. Working closely with CNC equipped fabricators, it was possible to build and iterate products in very short timeframes in order to meet the demands of the re-opening city.

The Longhouse for Neuehouse represents the next step in this design initiative, taking the rapid manufacture approach from the scale of furniture to architecture. The bespoke pop-up building is designed to be modular, movable and quick to install / de-install, while feeling substantial and refined in line with Neuehouse’s premium aesthetic. The kit of six unique parts can be re-configured in number of ways to create a variety outdoor dining, working and meeting settings for Neuehouse members.

A consumer version of the longhouse will soon be available on the re-ply website as a flexible, modular building to help restaurants and businesses keep their outdoor spaces warm and sheltered through the winter.