In the 19th century, Kopli became an industrial area where several large textile and metal factories with surrounding worker’s quarters, a military port, several cargo ports and docks were built. Today, Kopli is the fastest changing area of Tallinn, often compared to London’s Docklands or the Brooklyn industrial coastline 20 years ago.
Bringing new life to a modern Soviet building, Odeon is located in the ground floor with large windows directed to a park, where a tram passes by quite frequently. Flooded with natural light, the views are both urban and quiet.
Inspired by the sequential spatial organization of a train, Odeon’s design starts with the restaurant's vestibule, with two giant vintage chandeliers at its entrance replete with art, quirky artifacts, vintage treasures and an eclectic array of life; Continuing past the entrance, guests encounter a cosy lounge, and dining area that references Californian diners but with an unexpected new combination of materials; at the far end users will find a warm colored room with orange wool and cork covering it’s walls, during the day can be used for private events while becoming dedicated to music and dance at night.
The materials have been developed in tight collaboration with companies in Portugal, Estonia and France. The pavements have been customized, the tiles are handcrafted, the wool fabric has been produced by Burel and the recycled-plastic chairs have color matched to blend with the spatial environment.

Atelier-SR is a new design practice who recently established in Porto, Portugal. It was founded in January 2018 by Sérgio Rebelo, who was previously the design director at FR-EE in New York. He has overseen projects such as the Soumaya Museum, the new airport of Mexico city competition, the Latin American Art Museum in Miami, the Benneti yacht and the Swarovski El Sol, just to name a few.

He established ASR, because he is driven by design that is meaningful to the people that will enjoy the built space, but also to those who build it. He also found UVA, a company that is dedicated to develop products design by global designers and built by local craftsmen in Portugal. ASR is the extension of this mission into broader fields of design, such as architecture and masterplanning.

Odeon is a project designed in Porto and built in Tallin. The exposure of the project through a Frame Award would be extraordinary for us and essencial to highlight these two emerging cities!