Parkhotel Holzner`s suites are integrated into the natural terrain to extend the historic 1908 Art Nouveau hotel. The extension gathers 11 new suites that face both park and landscape. Sightviews are the key element of the project: wide windows allow the view of the mountains and park and at the same time they reflect the surrounding peaks of the Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage site. The underground floor features two relaxation rooms, a panoramic sauna, a gym, treatment rooms and the hammam, the heart of the new wellness center. A wide patio illuminates the underground floor and at the same time brings nature into the spa. The historical trees have defined the direction and positioning of the whole project.

Working with the existing, building on the existing, living with and in the landscape, a haven of peace, a continuation of history and tradition for the guests of the Parkhotel Holzner.
"The aesthetics of Holzner as a building of Alpine Art Nouveau are now timeless". We try to take up this quote. The centre, the headquarters, remains the main building of the Parkhotel Holzner. The new building extends like a wing, reduced and ends in the private home of the Holzner family. Everything is about retreat, be it in the architecture or in the choice of materials. A linear formal language in the terrain, targeted at intimacy, reduction, a coarse earth-coloured grain in the concrete, be it in the elongated suite area, be it in the private house. A homogeneous, horizontal building integrating with the park. The old building enters in symbiosis with the new one and grows out of it.
It is a fall back into the past, connected with the present and in search for the future.