PINOCCHIO, a bakery located in front of train station in Yokohama, Japan. Vivid gradient color and texture that express the quality and color of the bread are spread both inside and outside the store. The interior space, where all elements were kept to minimum with iconic wood surrounding the space, offers a sense of intimacy to the visitors.

An iconic appearance that can be recognized immediately from a distance and a space with soft impression through the color and light, allows the bread to stand out, creating a new bakery image. Though the space was extremely limited, the store has asked to have strong identity on facade and interior. I IN tried to create a character which can expresses bread itself and spreads for both outside and inside.

The brightly colored facade gives off a strong presence in the station plaza where miscellaneous advertisements are lined up. The colorful gradation and delicate texture boldly express the baking color of the bread. Also, by leaving the abstractness, we aimed to create a sophisticated design while giving the atmosphere of bread somehow.

The wall material is unified inside and outside so that the unique view of the world is connected to the inside of the store. In the interior space where elements have been removed, the trees used everywhere serve as an accent to give visitors a familiar feel. In the center, the expression of a tree connected to the floor, walls and ceiling leads visitors to the interior of the store. By matching the colors of the floor and ceiling materials to those of the wall surface, soft light makes the bread stand out in the entire space expressed by one more element.

The special ingredients that express the product spread inside and outside the store, creating a sophisticated bakery with a highly iconic appearance that can be immediately recognized from a distance. By expressing a pure message, the design became extremely memorable. This design was a complete new expression that transforms the charm of the bakery by the color to the customers.