The new interiors for Rejuveron Head Quarter in the Bio Technopark in Schlieren promote an innovative workspaces concept, which breaks the standard floorplan and division in small offices and proposes a more inclusive and homely work situation, where collaboration and spontaneous get together beyond departmental boundaries are supported. Due to always different time schedule, the aim is to provide the company with spaces that could be used also as resting areas, nap pods and small booths for private calls with investors at any time.

In the kitchen-lounge area (fig.1), applied as wallpaper, real reports on the research field personalize this informal though welcoming space. The neon sign "Age better - live longer" is the brand promise of the innovative biotech company.

To achieve functionality and also spatial quality each area was designed following it’s own demand and criteria. The coworking spaces and the lounge reflect the company believes and motto (fig. 2-3). This translates into a redesigned open ceiling with punctual acoustic interventions, made of recycling PET colored as the company logo (mustard yellow and dark grey), placed according to the function below and designed together with the linear illumination system. Particular attention was given to the wood furnishings - produced in the Aroma workshops – which blend perfectly into the space and are aimed to support a more local and sustainable production process. Among these for example, light dividing elements (fig.4) towards the corridor and the workplaces, not only serve as screening, but are also used as storage and presentation areas, for greenery and as seating niches.

Five unique designed meeting rooms and Quite Booths have been integrated into the 300 square meter office space. Each of them is dedicated to an animal with an exceptionally long life expectancy to tie in with the research area: Immortal Jellyfish (fig. 6), Lake Sturgeon (fig. 7), Bowhead Whale (fig. 8), Greenland Shark and Galapagos Tortoise (fig. 5). The design of each element in the room, from ceiling and walls till the furniture, was made according to the combination of scientific aspects of the animal with an artistic interpretation of it and it’s surrounding, to give each room an inspirational touch and character.