The strong, quirky design of Virgin Voyages’s Razzle Dazzle restaurant plays with your sight, whilst the delicious food will shake up your taste buds!

Razzle Dazzle instantly captures you with its bold graphic pattern, which functions as a strong backbone for its interior design based on dazzle camouflage: a type of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I with its ability to blend in by standing out. The disruptive pattern is literally covering everything, from the walls and floors to the room dividers and wooden tables. The Red Bar is hidden in the back of the restaurant, with its ceilings, walls, floors - and even lamps - dipped in Virgin red. Reflective dots are placed on top, making the razzle and dazzle complete!

concrete created an effective, yet inexpensive concept using only one pattern strong enough to carry the complete design. From the moment of surprise on arrival, to the mind-dazzling experience inside, warning guests to ‘get out fast before you lose your mind’ – giving a playful twist to the ‘fast food’ experience.
Sustainability-wise, concrete discarded the traditional buffet-style concept supporting the reduce of food waste. Moreover, unnecessary single-use plastics are banned from the restaurant and wastewater is turned into purified water, ready to use. The design consists of long lasting materials and products made from sustainable sources.