"The rain outside the curtain is murmuring and the spring is fading. In the evening, the sun is red, the dusk mountain is purple, the stars are scattered, and the fireflies come out of the forest. From the view of the Ming Lake, it is clear and bright; the distant peak is blue and blue, if it is now hidden, it is full of reverie, because of the memory of the old tour. I'm tired of my eyes, and I'll take notes. "

From time to time, we can read the exquisite scenery of an ancient relic from literary classics, but we can only find a pile of wasteland ruins in the long-distance pilgrimage full of expectations, and perhaps there are still scattered tiles and carved stone column foundations for consolation.

The city is like a circle interwoven with time and space, and the architecture is like a square Solidifying History, in which we walk, shuttle and travel. Travel itself is an adventure with ups and downs of mood. There are many discoveries and discoveries in travel, with different tastes and meanings. We often feel pleasure in the most charming and happy unforgettable experience.

"Rong Art Gallery" is divided into two parts: the main building and the auxiliary building. We integrate the spatial behavioral aesthetic interest into it. Interest is obtained by walking. Every place we walk, we can feel different details and visual experience, peel off the impetuosity brought by the outside world, and return to the state of calm heart.

In the Rong Art Gallery, we can feel the interweaving of the future and history, the accumulation of history and the modern way of life here. Although the columns, beams and brackets of wooden buildings have been eroded by time. On the premise of respecting the original architectural structure, the damaged wooden components such as columns, beams, squares, brackets, sparrows, purlins and rafters were repaired. In accordance with the characteristics of wood itself, they were cleaned and scraped by hand to maintain the mottled texture of logs and turn turbidity into beauty.

Mottled sunlight sprinkled all over the dusty corners of the times, and life no longer changed with the rhythm of others, but with the rhythm of the times It varies with seasons, light and weather. The flower art of each space is based on the spiritual core of caoyueliu, a famous Japanese flower way school, which expresses the free and diversified style free from the constraints of the old framework. Just like the "fusion Art Museum", it does not stick to the original tone of ancient architecture, and collides the present with the past.

The metal installation screen of the sofa background in the negotiation area is connected by the longitudinal series of metal pieces. Each piece is carefully polished by hand. By turning the direction of the single piece, different shapes are formed, and the overall shape of the mountain with different trends is created. The overall impression is very Oriental. All the design languages don't care about the form, what they care about is the concept of people-oriented, from the creation of space atmosphere to the decoration of every piece of utensil, which can make the viewer experience in silence.

As the VIP tea tasting area of the main building, tea ceremony, art and flower way become the highlights of space experience. We create the elegant life interest of oriental artistic conception here. The colorful screen brings a little interest and vitality to the original Oriental meaning, at the same time, it connects the whole space level, making the original classical style exude new vitality; the glass floor lamp is dazzling, transparent and light; the transparent platinum crystal tea chair, through the baptism of light, projects mottled water patterns on the ground, enriches the space level, and a group of unique flower art is gathered in the end view At the end of the day, you can enjoy tea, talk and enjoy it.

The "peacock chair" in the back yard of the main building has become an important photo experience area. The design of the chair back is based on the most beautiful form of peacock, the image of peacock opening screen, and integrates vocabulary into the image of the product. The back of the chair is the tail feather of the open screen, which sets off the elegance and elegance of the experiencer. Sitting in the chair is integrated with the chair, like the body shape of a peacock, showing a kind of interest in the interaction between people and things.

"Rong Art Gallery" creates a special "stage" and creates different special stage moments in the space. The space display shows a wonderful moment like the stage effect through the creation of the scene and the level of lighting. There are layers of light and shadow on the wall to create a soft atmosphere. Every viewer who enters the scene becomes the protagonist of the space. Through the vestibule of the main building, you can feel the fireflies flying among the rocks in the courtyard. Walking among them, you will start a journey through time and space.

At the end of the courtyard in front of the main building is a glazed enamel screen based on the prototype of "a thousand miles of rivers and mountains". The lost traditional crafts are re valued here. The glazed enamel craft integrates the international design vision and contemporary aesthetics, the artistic aesthetics of Oriental painting, and reproduces the ancient paintings in a new way, which is full of more contemporary artistic expression.

The tea tasting area of the auxiliary building shows implicit elegance and new vitality. Even if every utensil in the space has unique design elements, they are still balanced with each other, expressing a real and inclusive space with the most subtle emotion, thus creating a warm, perfect and artistic space experience. The colorful flower installation has become the first visual highlight in the front hall of the auxiliary building, and the plaque of "wisdom and wisdom" reveals an oriental philosophy of life.