"The minimalist style advocates simplicity, because simple things often bring people more enjoyment." The construction of the Shanhai Peninsula Club fully demonstrates its essence-without too much hard decoration, only based on the original space design of the building. Ingenious soft decoration, using the right lighting and color matching, create the atmosphere of the space, make the space look more open and spacious visually, close to the original beauty of mountains and seas.

The designer hopes to use a simple and pure design language to give vitality and artistic sense to the space, not limited to a certain boundary, and fully present the attitude and understanding of contemporary lifestyle.

In terms of space performance, indoor lamps and natural light and shadow projections alternate with each other, touching people's visual nerves, and becoming a strong element in the visual environment. Glass is used as a medium, allowing natural light to be poured into the room as much as possible, flowing gracefully in the room. With the change of time, the free light moves in the geometric blocks, and the light and dark are mottled, resulting in different spatial rhythms. The light and shadow change into a vivid indoor scene in all seasons.

Light and shadow are like the shape and surface of indoor buildings, and they have irreplaceable contributions to the definition of space and the management of aesthetics. The designer captures the beauty of light and shadow in the space, and makes minimalism to the extreme, bringing visitors a quiet and distant emotional experience of the space.

The collision of warm and cold tones and lights creates a strong contrast, presenting a rich layering with minimal colors. The quiet color outlines the visual focus of the space and strikes a balance between the lighting function and the aesthetic scale.

Minimalism is not the complete opposite of materialism, but a re-examination of the additional attributes of material.

The overall style is based on a large area of white space, and the simple and rational black soft decorations overlap and combine with each other to form a patchwork volume, creating a sense of conflict with the calm and restrained pure white space in the area, creating a visual impact effect . The concise and capable spatial lines and blocks, a simple green plant, are enough for people to re-examine the beauty of life, and the mood becomes happy.