Situated in an up-and-coming area full of new buildings, SOHO’s 3Q in Nanjing is located on the fourth floor of an upmarket shopping mall, wrapping around both the open atrium of the mall as well as the interior atrium of the 3Q itself. Per client requirements, the space follows the corporate design language of SOHO’s 3Q brand, and incorporates plenty of the peppy, zingy colors that set it apart from competitors. Since the area occupied by the 3Q was only later demarcated so by the builder, the space had to be adapted for the appropriate use from the original layout. This challenge also makes for more creative solutions and fascinating design outcomes for realized projects.

A key challenge lay in the 3Q’s location. Shopping malls, usually design to cut off natural light in most areas, do not always make for the most productive environments for offices; on the contrary, lack of natural lighting is often linked to higher levels of depression and poor performance at work. anySCALE employed high-quality artificial lights along with strategic color choices to elevate mood and soothe emotions. At the same time, open and exposed working spaces were allocated to the center of the 3Q and demarcated as separate zones by using podiums to raise their floor height, almost as if they were ‘islands’. Since the project was one of, if not the very, first co-working spaces in the city, it was important to employ design that make the use and functions of spaces intuitive for occupants.