The office space for Sony Computer Science Laboratories is designed based on ways in which architecture can help to facilitate the company’s philosophy of "contributing to the affluence of humankind".

An architectural reinterpretation of this motto is manifested through designing a laboratory for occupants to freely occupy the space while simultaneously experiencing various stimuli to develop new ideas. An issue which the project aims to resolve through design is the lack of need for a physical laboratory in a time in which research can be completed through the internet. The goal of the project was to create a place where researchers would have an incentive to work at the laboratory.

The desks, chairs and large tables are designed to be moveable to accommodate for large events. The renovation includes a kitchen and a meeting room. These programs were installed for functional reasons, but materialistic design was implemented to make a unique space. Logs of various tree species, colors and textures were used for the furniture. Some logs are left with the bark intact, while some utilize sapwood, others have a hard texture to contrast the soft textures.

The organic shape and bumps of the grain make each furniture piece unique. The shape and size of the wood changes over time, resulting in a space that continually changes.

The design of the laboratory highlights the dynamic environment present in everyday life to correlate with the company’s philosophy.