Nanjing, the glory of the prosperous age, is the ancient capital of dynasties in the history of Chinese civilization. Located among the historical sites, the hotel implying the elegant charisma of Nanjing has delicately shown the essence of luxury. As an ultra-luxury independent management brand, Suning Group arrived with its top-notch luxury and legendary service with a unique surrounding golf course and a private classical manor-like landscape. Based on it, CCD provides a magnificent design transformation of the hotel and wants to present the connecting of past and present, the intersection of oriental and western, and the integration of elegant artistic style of Euro-pean with the great manor scenery. The design concept is to reshape the charm of the ancient capital with brand-new design techniques in the scenic garden.

Stroll through the elegant and quiet trees and slowly enter the manor of the flourishing age, the bronze gate shows at the entrance of the hotel. In the lobby space, the black wood grain material, golden ceiling and custom-made stone mosaic on the ground perfectly combine European complexity with modern luxurious materials. Unique "octagonal" reception area, special customized mosaic background wall and etcetera, all the exquisite and innovative details defined the theme as the cultural and sumptuous concept of the design.

Italian Restaurant
Travel through the corridor where time and space interact, and feel the collision of Italian style. The designer uses the Chinese traditional unique red brick arch design with geometric relation-ship, texture and shadow in the space to create an industrial tone and sensory experience. Space is matched with classic furnishings, plus strong Italian cuisine, therefore guests can enjoy a relaxing moment among peace atmosphere.

Japanese Restaurant
It is a Japanese restaurant hidden in a classical manor. The most important thing in this space is Japanese landscape gardening. Zen, elegance, and tranquility are all designed within the space. The stone road and the tile wall in the courtyard are present a sense of poetic comfort. There is a unique design way of leaving blank space which contains the designer's infinite imagination of spaces. The courtyard mirror pool is cleverly integrated with the architectural design. When the windows opened, the whole space seems to float on the water, the view of each private room is unique and special. In addition, the slender skylights from the ceiling are also a special idea from designers. The log tables and chairs, tatami private rooms, the characteristic Japanese-style wallpaper, the textured lacquered walls and etcetera, each step is another picture of the view that presents the traditional high-end elegance of the restaurant.

Guest Room
Pursuing the perfection of every detail to create exquisite and elegant accommodation of unforgettable journey for guests are the objectives from the room space design. The sitting couch at the entrance of the guest room and the ingenious umbrella storage box brings home comfort to every guest. Continue the color matching style of lobby, the black wood grain and gold-copper will be used in space, which is noble and elegant while the atmosphere is calm. The space of the guest room incorporates white paint panels and warm color series of linen fabric furniture with partial orange accents which create a comfortable and peaceful home feeling. Meanwhile, a feast of verdant scenery was in full view when looked out from the balcony. For CCD, the space layout and comfort of the room are the first principles of design.