Inspired by the origin of sushi which had started out as food served in standing-up food stalls, the restaurant is dimly lit and only contemporary artworks and the chef's every single move are illuminated by spotlights. Its maximum capacity is 7 people. Guests immerse themselves in the "Sushi Yoshii experience" where they savor expertly prepared sushi with superb sake while appreciating contemporary art and the chef's beautiful demeanor at the same time.
Respecting the origin of sushi restaurant as a food stall, Sushi Yoshii moves to a new place every few years and we were commissioned to design their third restaurant. Just like participating in "renga" (linked verse), we took over the style and concept of the previous restaurant in designing this restaurant. What was handed down to us were a dark entryway and aged scaffolding planks previously used as a countertop. This time, scaffolding planks, laid along the entryway and the restaurant's table. Coming out of the dark and overstated entrance, you will find a very austere table.This table is made of a scaffolding materials and the surface of the austere temporary materials are plated with copper.The counter top is a black glass which sinks in the dark.Oya stones which is smashed its edges, and a large wooden cutting board are on the counter top.Since there is no background music, the sound of fish hitting the cutting board and environmental music played by chef’s knife and cutting board bring tense atmosphere.

The world is already full of things. Good things, bad things, old things, new things, luxury things, and cheap things. There is no difference between small bistros and Michelin-starred restaurants today where values are diverse and there is only a concept difference.
DDAA’s interest is to design an architectural perspective to equally play with all the diverse concepts and values.In a modern world where things, systems, and economy are developed and saturated, we are trying to create a completely new landscape by slightly shifting interpretation of existing things and ideas.
This restaurant is made of contrast of various materials and the experience.By designing the relationship and contrast between the things next to each other, what was just a ordinary scaffolds suddenly become charming objects.The way to cut and rearrange objects and spaces that already exist which change their charm and value was considered.By melting the line between the chef’s act of making sushi and performing art, we tried to rediscover the industrial beauty that the scaffolding had.Even the same color, the appearance changes depending on the neighboring ones.This is a common idea in graphic design, but it is also a way to enjoy the buildings and the situations in front of you as much as possible rather than denying them.Designing modest but new perspectives towards products, architecture, cities, and society is also a methodology to enjoy the diverse values and cultures of today.