Objects are the wellspring of stories. Curated to chronicle a variety of stories about work and life in these historic buildings over time, the design of the exhibition uses colours and connected elements to formulate multiple paths, juxtaposition of geometrical representations, and indoor-outdoor exploration. Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the former Police Headquarters compound, Tai Kwun 101 showcases a seamless thread connecting the hidden traces of people in the history of Tai Kwun and the exhibition.

The exhibition spans across indoor and outdoor locations, including the Duplex Studio inside the Central Police Station block. Deviating from other static exhibitions, the 101 number of objects are designed not to mimic an old scenario, but in an abstract and re-interpreted journey that encourages communications and encounters. The exhibition design ditches the standard grey and old tone for these historic objects and makes up a colourful series of architectonic to represent the 5 types of daily users in the former compound. Each colour representing an identity and the weaving of colours in the exhibition guides the audience the routes and significant objects related to the identity accordingly. The whole exhibition consists of 5 routes that separates, interlocks and sees each other. Unique interactions are designed at designated spots to encourage the audiences to understand the objects and their stories more in-depth.

The significance of the project does not only count on the design quality, but the seamless connection between the exhibition content, design, interaction and the audiences’ experience. It is a representation of amazing team work between the Heritage Department of Tai Kwun, One Bite Design Studio and &dear. The project, being the biggest scale in the Central Police Station Compound since its re-opening as Tai Kwun in 2018, gives a statement as the most visited revitalisation in Hong Kong on their vision and devotion to the importance of conservation, yet stay connected with the modern city and community. It is an exhibition that talks about history, community, art, culture and daily living. The showcase and re-interpretations of the 101 objects brings a harmonious and joyful mix of the old and new, transforming the exhibition into an active and engaging programme that spans across the whole compound. The story of each object was told differently through the designated interaction and engagement. Audiences at all ages can find the elements that they would enjoy more. The design of multiple routes allows the audiences to visit the exhibition for more than once in order to look at all the objects.