The Tree Restaurant, which leaves its first impression of transparency, brightness, and fantasy on people, entices all passengers coveting delicacies into stopping and appreciating it. Currently, the restaurant has quickly become a venue for young groups to share and chat with each other.

Transparent French windows are designed to break the tangible boundaries of the restaurant, making the bright "Sea of Clouds" visible from the distant noisy shopping mall corridor. The cloud-like ceiling simulating natural light is undulating, soft and pleasing. Surrounded by dozens of green plants, the well-arranged round booth platforms are distinctive in levels and seem comfortable. At the junction of the cloud ceiling and the wall surface, the “Tree” hidden in the “clouds” showcases incredible visual effects, and expands the edges of the “Sea of Clouds”. Forward through the cloud ceiling, the slightly rough wash walls set a tone of the simplicity of the space, retaining the original intention of the designer.

The project is an excellent place to talk under the "clouds" and enjoy the feast in the "flower bed". It uses lights to restore the original color of items and applies unexceptionable scenes to demonstrate what it prefers, selling wonderful things involuntarily.