Located on the second floor of the Centre Eaton de Montréal shopping complex, this expansive 3800 square metres food and cultural market features 16 curated food offerings hosted by some of the city’s top chefs alongside three bars, a demo kitchen, cooking school, retail shop and performance area for local talent.

From art installations and pop-up performances to activities for kids and DJ nights, there’s always entertainment to be discovered. Time Out Market’s first venture in the Canadian Market with this Montréal location is a celebration for locals and tourists to enjoy the best on-demand gourmet fare this city has to offer under one roof.

A new bridge traversing the oculus improves circulation from one side of the food hall to the other. Cladded in signature American walnut, the wood frame around the oculus spans 2 levels with a strong Time Out branded statement demarcating the space from the bright white shopping centre and offices surrounding it.

Working closely with the Time Out and Ivanhoe Cambridge teams, a unique look for the Montréal location was created. Within an elevated soft-industrial setting, the overall mood is one of an understated bar scene. Natural concrete columns, deep chocolate exposed ceilings, generously spaced, low intensity pin lights interspersed on a suspended black open grid structure and clear glass dome pendants contribute to the nighttime vibe. Walls tell the history of the brand with framed original pages of its magazine.

True to the Time Out brand, each concession follows a uniform overall design in terms of floating linear counters in terrazzo finish with concealed lighting at floor level and black overhead signs with white simple font. The oil-finished maple wood floor mitigates the acoustics throughout the warm, cavernous space. Long wood communal counter height tables and chairs made from locally sourced maple, with a few at typical table height to welcome families, are iconic Time Out elements that support the notion that the joy of good food brings people together in shared memorable experiences.

A distinct bar area containing three bars is partitioned from the rest of the food hall by a custom metal grille with fine angular black metal rods in an open pattern without obstructing sightlines. The metal grilles have inherent flexibility to open to the rest of the space during the day and for events. Media screens in the bar area play curated content generated by Time Out for the Montréal market showcasing local culture and events. Similar metal details to the metal grille can be found on the back-bar bottle display with the main bar distinguished by a simple wood trellis overhanging. The arched windows of the history building façade were left uncluttered by furniture or décor in order to let the architecture sing.

Indicative of the brand’s progressive mindset, unisex washrooms were created for inclusivity eliminating issues with gender discrimination associated with traditional male and female washrooms. The washrooms are individual rooms with floor to ceiling gypsum walls and wooden doors offering an elevated, secure and private experience.