Trout & Partners Shanghai HQ is a workplace that carefully expresses the corporate culture - aspiring to spatially represent the company’s unique methodology of strategic positioning. By reflecting the company’s business and culture, the result is a carefully articulated design of premium materials and highly functional tech-rich spaces.

The challenge to the design firm is how to help the client to continue its global leading position in business and financial data, news and insight through workplace strategy. The project aimed at creating the culture and feeling of Shanghai specific to this office within the design. It was to become the front door to China for the company in highlighting their brand, impact, and philanthropy. Besides, the design brief for the project refurbishment is largely focused on the facing areas of the Pantry and Event Space.

Thus, the Front of House areas became important in connecting the already existing office space with the new insertion, whilst striving to provide a seamless experience for its invited clients and guests.
A full service offering of brand visioning, interior design, styling and visual identity is provided to deliver a carefully articulated design of premium materials and highly functional tech-rich spaces.
By translating the company’s methodology of “outside in thinking”, the form of a cube is explored by various interventions to inform the spatial planning and detail. These interventions begin to determine the spatial function: privacy and acoustics, focus or collaborative work, formal or social settings, framing of views.

To achieve an unconventional reception experience, designers created a “plinth” reception counter blurs different functions and brings the guest within to experience the inner workings of Trout – the multi-functional space is transformed to meet the requirement of hosting events. Premium materials and detailing express Trout’s upmarket image and celebrate the office’s incredible location on the Huangpu River.

Taking a key position in the floor plate, the CEO Office and the VIP Room are executive spaces which combine a sense of luxury and providing a moment to step “inside the mind” of Trout. A history walk is set in the corridor which connects the reception area and CEO room executive zone, creating a walkable art space communicates Trout & Partners’ historic milestones.

The pantry and library also sit at the adjacent side of the formal client facing zone. Both spaces are relaxed and warm – providing a retreat for staff at any point of the day. A slatted box is used to define and provide seclusion from the open office.