The concept of the new restaurant “Berrywood Family” was to be closely connected to Siberia. The idea was to offer new Siberian cuisine, but based on local products and culinary technology. One of the main tasks was to have an open kitchen with a traditional Russian stove (with zero-pollution ventilation system). Therefore, the aim of this project was to create an interior with a special warm atmosphere, within which we could strive to reflect the beauty and strength of the Siberian natural habitat.

We decided to create an atmosphere of an endless Siberian taiga and far north of Siberia, whilst also honoring our rivers – Enisey, Tunguska and many others that provide people regional products, such as local fish and meat, used in everyday life in the northern parts of Siberia and also feature in the menu of “TUNGUSKA”. The majority of the materials used in this project are local sourced. The floor is a form of terrazzo created from Enisey pebbles; the bar and kitchen counters are made from the locally mined solid granite.

The partitions and walls are completely natural tree trunks, sourced from the nearby forests, that were dried in the forest for several years. Metal pipes that made for kitchen hoods, stove and stairs to the ground floor reflect the rocks which we can see on Tunguska’s riversides. Floor lights are completely unique and handcrafted, are inspired by fishing tools of the people from far north and are traditional for Siberian region called Versha or Morda. Sofas with metal backs reflect lights and look like an islands in the river, metal mesh on the ceiling waving like polar lights and these things are mainly sensual rather than tangible.

Elements of graphic design and logo are based on ancient petroglyphs founded in the caves and rocks. It was not possible to place the restroom on the main floor so we had to make a cut and make stairs to the ground floor, so this room gained special mystic character forced by special music playlist based on shaman’s throat singing. All these elements are combined to create an unique, calm and cozy atmosphere that gives a real sense of luxury, which is mainly not for guests of Siberia but for its habitants to remember in what unique and beautiful place do we live.