Enter Projects Asia Design a Nature-Inspired Headquarters for Vikasa Bangkok using Klien bottle connections. A wellness brief for the internationally acclaimed yoga brand

Enter Projects Asia have completed their design & construction for the headquarters of Vikasa. This is the yoga brand’s anchor building in Bangkok, symbolising the Vikasa ideals around health, wellness and evolution.

The 450sqm space is comprised of a series of free-form yoga pods - two public and two private pods with a lobby area and luxury bathrooms integrated seamlessly into the layout. Floor-to-ceiling windows were designed across the entire front façade to flood the space with natural light, whilst allowing the pods to remain private.

Using their signature geometries, Enter Projects Asia facilitated the fusion of 3D technologies with local Thai craftsmanship to bring nature to an urban context. All elements of the project were made from natural, local materials: Thai hardwood, rattan, palm leaves and local black slate.

Patrick Keane, Design Director at Enter Projects states , “We sought to create a space which mimicked the natural world and reflected the never-ending cycle of life. The result is a space of captivating calmness, cloaked in quiet contentment - an oasis of tranquility amongst the chaos of Bangkok.” Using a Klein bottle connection ,(continuous surface that turns from interiors to an exteriors) we were able to achieve a sequence in the facility that completes a connection of internal spirtuality to exterior completeness in the users as they perform the yoga rituals.