“Villa Emma” is a summer retreat located in Costa Smeralda, one of the most prestigious holiday spots. This house combines the conceptual rigour of a traditional Sardinian Stazzu with the client’s desire of having a warm house with valuable materials.

This house recalls the local rural buildings both in the simple rectangular shape with pitched roof and the interior distribution with bedrooms’ windows on the longest side of the house.

Mario Mazzer Architects has designed an interior decor with pure lines using refined materials. Tones are mostly dark but warm, with calibrated color touches that create an elegant and cozy atmosphere.
Villa Emma features bespoke furniture pieces with finishes and details’ quality that could not be found in series products.
Storage units are integrated in the walls and doors are paneled with same materials of the walls.

Products that are not custom made have been chosen from historical design companies and great importance has been given to the architectural and decorative lighting system: bright veils with indirect light sources inside the false ceiling and masterpiece lamps.

The façade plays poetically with the sky and the land. The hand-cut granite stones on the ground floor recalls the typical rural buildings and plunges into the natural landscape while the large windows on the second floor reflect the sky.

This house is like a luxury handmade watch, both the design process and the execution phases have been caracherized by the use of advanced technology, the search for maniacal precision and highly specialized craftsmanship.
MMA has used technology with a creative and experimental approach, working side by side with chemists and specialists to capture the expressive potential of materials and create new finishings for different spaces and uses.
Wall paneled in calamine iron with wax finish and brushed brass profiles are characterized by the meticulous attention to details and the manual process. Lapitec, a new material, has been used for interior and exterior floors, walls and swimming pool to give continuity to the space. Natural materials as marbles, teak, granite stone and full-grain leather has been used in an innovative way both for ceilings and walls’ coverings.
The design of the house focused also on the environment, the building’s ecological footprints have been reduced by creating a passive house.