The professional needs of Health Care, such as clearly separated layout, efficient scientific working line, unitive logo, will widen the feeling of distance in the space.In that case, how to find the balance between professional needs and the sense of distance is the heart of the matter in this project, the design of WOLEN DENTISTRY.

In the story Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack climbed up the beanstalk and went up to the sky through the clouds, where he came across the enormous giant and began his adventure. We rebuilt this story scene in our design. The kid’s outpatient area is on the second floor, with a light green beanstalk-like spiral stair connected to the first floor. kid’s area is open and brimmed with gentle light.

What a person sees decides what the person feels. In other words, the light in the space will have a great influence on man’s mood. Two kinds of light appear in this project, one of which is the linear light and the other is diffused light. The former has the directive function while the latter makes customer feels the mildness.

Space is never alone. By contrast, it should be connected to the people inside. Only when the design affects the mood and conducts the behavior will the acceptance and belongingness come into being.