From 2012 to 2018, Karv One, as a revolutionary, participated in the emergence of a new super IP for cultural consumption. This time, in the K11 art-themed commercial center adjacent to the Canton East Tower, the landmark of Guangzhou, Karv One designed an artistic space for Yan Ji You book store. For the flagship store in Guangzhou, Karv One innovatively created stories and topics for the space and built connections between visitors’ perception of the space and the profound connotations of the brand with metaphorical and enlightening stories of the space.

Once again, Karv One looked beyond the conventional design expressions of Yan Ji You and came up with an innovative design for the K11 store reflecting the inspiration of the “black hole and gravitational fields”.

Mystic black is the color of choice that is applied consistently through the whole multidimensional space. Interactive puzzles are embedded into the metaphorical space to appeal to the curiosities of the visitors for exploring a journey of innovation. It is also an embodiment of a unique aesthetic of design.

City is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. In this colossal form of production, the status of individuals’ lives is also infinitely magnified.

We are now living in a highly commercialized society. Shopping centers at the most essential areas of the cities have become the landmarks of the contemporary lifestyle. The new generation consumers have a different and reconstructed perception of cities. Homogenous shopping complexes have long been transformed into places offering unique experience through artists, designers or commercial brands.

The experience-oriented consumption which integrates such new elements as culture and art has become the panacea to make a breakthrough in the development of shopping centers.