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Firms 'are going to need to do more than hire Black designers', says NYC architect Emmanuel Oni

Emmanuel Oni has something to say: an unsolicited letter to the mainstream architecture and spatial design industries and academia.

Zhuang is a Singapore-based writer and researcher. He has written extensively about design and urban life in Singapore, including two books, Independence: The History of Graphic Design in Singapore since the 1960s and By Design: Singapore.

Justin Zhuang on why Singapore architects need to create a more equitable partnership with their builders

Singapore – Zhuang, a writer and researcher, asks Singapore architects to bridge the divide with the migrant workforce that constructs their designs, making the city more livable …


Reporting From Toronto: lessons from an airport in the midst of a pandemic

Toronto – While returning to her hometown in Canada during the pandemic, Frame’s Iryna Humenyuk reflected on the travellers encountered during a layover in Reykjavik.


Reporting From: our Editor-at-Large on finding balance far from home, in rural New Zealand

Warea, New Zealand – Frame's Amsterdam-based Tracey Ingram was visiting her family in New Zealand when the country went into lockdown.


Reporting From: our Head of Content’s Amsterdam home office-meets-Michelin-starred-restaurant

Amsterdam – Frame's Floor Kuitert recounts how she was able to make her boyfriend's birthday special in spite of staying at home, with help from the local hospitality industry.

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